Business travel safety management requires constant input, feedback and engagement with travellers and managers, from any available device. Many business travellers and managers simply don’t have the time to type on the road or fill in forms when leaving updates or asking questions. In order to make it faster and simpler for business travellers to communicate on the go, Intelligent Travel have released online video and voice messaging in support of travellers and customers. The simplified message system enables travellers and managers to quickly and simply record video and voice messages for their team of travel safety and support specialists.

“A video or voice message can communicate far more than an impersonal email or text message, so we added the option to our “Is It Safe To Travel” suite of support resources”

commented Tony Ridley, CEO at Intelligent Travel.

Whether it be a routine enquiry or travel safety question or in response to an emergency whilst travelling, the new online video and voice messaging services connects travellers and managers with travel safety specialists like never before.

“A traveller can speak directly to their own mobile device, tablet or laptop and share with us not only their questions but their surrounds too”

added Mr Ridley.

“This option is incredibly helpful in conveying more comprehensive information or direct observation of a location than simply sending an email”

he went on to explain.

“As travellers and managers become more comfortable and experienced with the option to send video and voice messages, we see this option as a valuable contribution to a company’s travel safety management program and service culture, in addition to providing more personal travel health, safety, security and risk management support to business travellers”

he concluded.

Coupled with the company’s recent online chat/text features, Intelligent Travel continues to further expand its travel safety management and support services for businesses and travel management companies. By focusing on the basic question of “is it safe to travel?” they are able to help individuals and businesses access all the information and technical support benefits they need.

“Online travel safety video and voice messaging opens up a whole new area in travel safety management and support for businesses and travel management companies”

Intelligent Travel provides travel health, safety and security management support services to business and retail travellers, either direct to travellers or via travel management partners. Saving companies and travellers countless hours and cost on travel safety preparations, in addition to delivering individual pre travel safety analysis, Intelligent Travel is a consistent pioneer in the business travel management sector.

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