Why does your business travel? 

How do you measure, manage and prioritise business travel? 

Business opportunity, value creation and optimised earnings are all vital, dominant factors for business travel and mobility. 

How is that they seem to have been entirely forgotten by travel managers and providers? 

Even a simple reconciliation of the cost of travel compared with the opportunity, business value or returns can act as a performance metric. 

For example, spending $1,000 on a business trip that has the potential to add one million dollars to your business makes sense, right? 

Spending thousands on business travel that has limited to no value creation just doesn’t make sense. 

Conspicuously, this number or measurement of value is missing from business travel calculations. 

It’s all about the cost savings, containment, and compliance. 

All necessary business practices, but they are second-order priorities when considered with the business opportunity and value creation. 

The absence of this metric and valuation is becoming a concern for risk managers.

Enterprise risk management establishes, managers and supports a holistic or “whole of business” approach to maximising opportunity and reducing risk.

Travel and mobility are subsets of enterprise risk management. 

Not ad-hoc, stand-alone or “speciality” business operations. 

A lack of defined value creation or business opportunity is considered a red flag or warning by enterprise risk management professionals.

Without this foundation valuation, all risk management practices and treatments are flawed. 

Can you quantify the business opportunity for each business trip? 

Can you define exactly what value is at risk?

Inclusive of time, money, people and activity?

If you don’t have these metrics; you don’t have travel risk management. 

If you don’t have travel risk management, you don’t have enterprise risk management.

If you don’t have enterprise risk management, you don’t have enterprise security risk management. 

Do you know the necessary legal and technical demands for each of these risk management disciplines? 

We can show you.

Our evidence-based decision making and enterprise security risk management practices are derived from technical, academic and scientific research, refined by practical application. 

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Intelligent business decisions based on verifiable and analysed research. 

Thank you for watching. 

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