ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems, is very specific in the requirements for risk-based thinking and required business processes.

Risk-based thinking is required throughout the business, including business travel. 

Since 2015, ISO 9001 spells out the requirements for risk-based thinking and business processes. 

Here are the 7 specific clauses for business travel risk management contained within ISO 9001.

Clause 4, the organisation is required to, address the risks and opportunities associated with its quality management system. 

Clause 5, top management is required to promote awareness of risk-based thinking, in addition to determining and addressing risks and opportunities that can affect product or service conformity. 

Clause 6, the organisation is required to identify risks and opportunities, related to quality management systems performance, and take appropriate actions to address them.  

Clause 7, the organisation is required to, determine and provide the necessary resources.

Clause 8, the organisation is required to, manage its operational processes.

Clause 9, the organisation is required to monitor, measure, analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of actions taken to address the risks and opportunities. 

Clause 10, the organisation is required to correct, prevent or reduce undesired effects and improve the quality management system and update risks and opportunities. 

All decisions, considerations and final solution acceptances must be noted and documented. 

Nonconformance must be noted, documented and corrected. 

Consistent or widespread lack of conformance and evidence, results in loss of certified quality management systems status and ISO 9001 accreditation. 

This includes business travel. 

The international standard for risk management, as specified within ISO 9001, is ISO 3100. 

Nonconformance with BOTH  of these international standards means you FAIL the most significant and widely accepted standards for quality and risk management. 

This applies to your business and the use of application or service providers, including travel management companies. 

If you want to better understand integrated quality management, ISO 9001 conformance, inclusive of travel risk management, for your business travellers, contact us for a chat. 

Intelligent travel is about awareness, resourcefulness and evidence-based decision making. 

Safe by choice, not by chance.

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