As of December 2015, Intelligent Travel has successfully delivered over 50,000 individual business travel safety assessments as part of Serko’s mobile business travel concierge and management application, providing Serko’s customers with a unique and personal travel safety management service. Each business travel safety assessment is seamlessly integrated with each business traveller’s online booking and individual travel profile.

“Each traveller, journey, destination and business travel schedule is unique and different. So too are our personal travel safety assessments” says Tony Ridley, CEO at Intelligent Travel.

In addition to Serko’s continuous innovation in the business travel management and technology sector, Intelligent Travel have further personalised Serko’s business travel concierge and management application by delivering real time, personal travel safety assessments with each business travel booking. So far Intelligent Travel have delivered over 50,000 individual travel safety ratings and assessments for both domestic and international business travel.

“Unlike government travel advisories or other one-size-fits-all travel health and security ratings that use low, medium and high risk ratings without ever considering the individual, journey or numerous other travel safety factors,Intelligent Travel creates unique and personal travel safety assessment for each and every journey” noted Tony Ridley, CEO and Founder of Intelligent Travel. “Much like an airline or travel management company creates a unique booking and travel code for the journey, so too we create a unique and individual travel health, safety and security assessment that is integrated directly into the business travellers mobile-accessible itinerary” he concluded.

Intelligent Travel evaluates over 20 individual travel health, safety, security and risk management factors associated with each and every traveller’s planned travel. This pre travel assessment is conducted in a matter of seconds and specific to the individual traveller and is available for business and retail/holiday travellers. Intelligent Travel’s pre travel safety analysis system provides over 10 billion unique combinations, unlike government or commercial services that are limited to just 4 or 5, such as low, medium, high, etc.

“If you have 100 travellers to the same destination using government or commercial travel security systems you will see they all share exactly the same travel risk rating”

Intelligent Travel’s CEO noted. “How is that either safety or risk management based if they are all identical ratings, regardless of experience, health variations and numerous other individual factors affecting each travellers overall safety standing” he went on to explain. “Intelligent Travel’s approach to travel safety management is like nothing else available, providing individual, specific and unique travel safety ratings each time.

This means that 100 travellers to the same destination may have as many as 100 different travel safety ratings….appropriate to the traveller and the journey”

Tony Ridley added. “This is what businesses, managers and travellers REALLY NEED when making travel risk management decisions that affect their business traveller health, safety, security and risk.” Mr Ridley concluded.

Intelligent Travel is a travel concierge and management business specialising in travel health, safety, security and risk management services for business and retail/holiday travel. Intelligent Travel provides unique and customised solutions to individual travellers, companies and travel management companies all around the world.

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