Video: Tips for the smart traveller: Flying

Tips for the smart traveller: Flying

Tips for the smart traveller – Flying

Flying can be demanding and tiring

either one trip or multiple trips

especially across time zones

Ensure you drink plenty of water, yes, water

Get up and exercise or stretch frequently

Set your watch to the time zone you are travelling to when you get on board

Sleep and eat according to the destination timezone,

not the air crew’s service schedule.

Not everyone on a plane is honest, keep an eye on valuables.

Carry baby wipes, and wipe your tray table and other items you touch.

The air is often drier, so moisturise the inside of your nose

If travelling with small children, give them a sweet or something to suck on at

takeoff and landing. It helps them pressurise their ears.

That’s why there is always a baby crying at takeoff or landing.

Always check your seat area to make sure you have everything when disembarking.

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