Travel safety: When did companies give up on millennials and young employees? [Video]

When did companies give up on millennials and young or new safety

Consider this….

Your company has standards, regulations and even compliance requirements.

There are rules, there are procedures, all borne from experience and necessary controls….even safety.

So, if someone joined your company tomorrow, and didn’t understand these rules or felt they inhibited their personal opportunities for success, would you just them do their own thing and ignore the rules entirely? NO! Is what I hear most companies cry out. But…

Why are you allowing new and young employees to do exactly that when it comes to travel?

Why have you “given up” trying to get new prospects and hires to follow the rules?

Why are you making up words to accommodate them such as “open booking”??

Yes, companies have to fight for new talent and quality people.

Yes, new employees and graduates are likely to have different experiences and preferences.

However, giving up and letting do as they like and calling it a “progressive” or “inclusive” as a process is just a lie.

And it certainly isn’t safe ….especially when it comes to travel.

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