Travel Safety and The Sharing Economy Hypocrisy [Video]

Travel Safety and The Sharing Economy Hypocrisy

Consider this….

Jane works at your company and has a chronic pain problem so she has recently started using medical marijuana to ease her suffering.

However, it isn’t yet legal in your state or many other parts of the country. It is also legal/not legal in many parts of the world.

Would you just let Jane go ahead and make her own, illegal choices in your workplace?

NO! Is what I hear many companies cry out. But….

Why are you allowing equally illegal practices in your business when it comes to travel?

Is the sharing economy and travel apps or services you use for travel 100% legal and compliant?

What about Uber? Is it 100% legal and compliant in all the locations you use it or where it is available?

What about Airbnb? Is it 100% legal and compliant in all the locations you use it or where it is available?

Would you steal from Microsoft and other big software companies by downloading and using their software without paying for it, just to save a few dollars?

NO! is what many companies cry out. But….

Why are you engaging in other illegal and potentially illegal practices in your business when it comes to travel….just to save a few dollars?

Take a step back and reevaluate what you are doing in travel.

Stop running with the crowd or hiding behind the “early adopters” or “innovators” banner and consider if what you are doing is consistent with the legal and moral standards within your company.

Is your legal or moral compass broken?

If you are engaged in illegal or questionable travel purchases and activities…..

Forget about a seat at the travel safety table, you are already committing a crime and putting your business travellers at risk.

Don’t then ask your travel managers, travel providers, and business travellers to partake in the illegal practice…for the sake of a few dollars.

Travel safety ….illegal practices only elevate the risk or expose YOU and YOUR COMPANY to unnecessary risk and legal recourse.

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