Top 5 business travel threats for 2016

Top 5 business travel threats for 2016 Each year our team of researchers and travel safety analysts review the major threats affecting the majority of business travellers, not a couple of issues or locations that affect a relative few. These top 5 threats will have a direct impact to individual and group business travel and…

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The Business Travel Purchase That Gets You Fired And People Hurt

Many businesses use a procurement or purchasing process for the identification and selection of business travel or management products and services. Especially if the products or services account for significant outlay or require long term agreements before being accessible to business travellers. The problem is that the purchase of travel risk management products and services…

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Our Mobile Travel Chat (MTC) and Online Concierge Support

While many online travel agencies [OTA] are seeking less-and-less direct contact with buyers/travellers and greater automation, a significant shift has been predicted that will leave even more behind the technology curve. At Intelligent Travel we launched our multilingual, mobile travel chat [MTC] and concierge system over 2 months ago! But while browsing deals online is…

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The History Of Travel Tracking

Travel tracking for business travellers was first introduced over a decade ago, prior to 2005. At the time, online, cloud based and mobile applications were nearly non-existent. Not to mention the fact that the smartphone revolution was yet to start, with Blackberry the dominant business email communications device for travellers. It therefore debuted, limited by…

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Expert travel safety and security knowledge base expands further

With thousands of travel health, safety, security and risk management support tips and advice already contained within Intelligent Travel’s master support and advice database, the company has recently expanded this unique knowledge base with the inclusion of client and partner advisories/updates. “We originally set out to provide consistent, timely and consistent travel safety and security…

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Travel Tracking Advice [Video] #2

business travel safety tracking 2

An advance travel itinerary displayed on Google Maps or a spreadsheet displayed on a map is not travel tracking. Find out what is/isn’t required and how to improve travel safety monitoring and save your business thousands on unnecessary, outdated products. If you can’t prove it…it’s not safe! Travel Safety Monitoring –  Is it safe to…

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Travel risk management steps up travel safety education campaign

Travel Safety Management

Online education and member’s forum, Travel Risk Management Solutions has stepped up their travel safety education with new online content and advice. “It is alarming how many individuals and businesses still don’t know the basics of travel safety and their obligations or requirements when it comes to business or leisure travel” contributed Tony Ridley, Editor-in-Chief…

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Business Travel Safety – Legal Caution For Travel Providers [Video]

Business Travel Safety.Legal Caution to Providers.

Many businesses claim to have a mature business travel safety management system or effective travel risk management, however most fail to comply with basic legal terms of reference, especially those that use providers/services that have little to nothing to do with actual workplace/occupational health and safety. Find out what the legal experts have to say on…

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Business Travel Management: Cost Savings Advice [Video]

business travel safety management.cost savings advice

Do know what one of the biggest business travel management mistakes is? Annual subscriptions or memberships….for services you don’t use and large micro business loans to vendors. “If you can consume most other travel services on an as needed basis [hotels, taxis, meals, etc] why would you make a lump sum, advance payment for any…

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Business travel safety gets online video and voice support

Is it safe to travel.Travel Safety messaging

Business travel safety management requires constant input, feedback and engagement with travellers and managers, from any available device. Many business travellers and managers simply don’t have the time to type on the road or fill in forms when leaving updates or asking questions. In order to make it faster and simpler for business travellers to…

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Why Crisis Management Plans Don’t Work [Video]

Crisis management plans don’t work. Businesses create crisis management plans as a guide or reference on what to do in the event of a crisis. However, this approach is a flawed substitution for a crisis response process that is not dependant upon a pre-crafted, narrow anticipation of a whole range of real world issues that…

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Business Travel…The Unsafe Workplace [Video]

In many developed countries, and a growing number of developing ones too, employers are required by law to provide a safe work environment, in order to reduce the potential of harm to employees, by way of safe work systems. These systems must be relevant to the business, activities undertaken, identify hazards, consider and implement risk…

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The Rise of the Wander Woman (Infographic)

Woman have made great progress in terms of education, workplace and social equality – and also in travel. More women are exploring the world on theirown, from backpackers to professionals to those who are just independent. They’ve all come to realise that experiences don’t always have to be shared to be enjoyed.     Source

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It’s Business Travel Safety…Not Travel Security

It’s Travel Safety…NOT Travel Security.Travel Safety Management

More and more businesses, in addition to travel management companies, are starting to focus on travel risk management for their business travellers. Unfortunately many incorrectly believe their focus should be on travel security when in fact they should be focused on travel safety. The laws, standards and regulations relating to both safety and risk management…

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50,000 Business Travel Safety Assessments And Counting

As of December 2015, Intelligent Travel has successfully delivered over 50,000 individual business travel safety assessments as part of Serko’s mobile business travel concierge and management application, providing Serko’s customers with a unique and personal travel safety management service. Each business travel safety assessment is seamlessly integrated with each business traveller’s online booking and individual…

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Why Global Travel Health And Security Risk Maps Are Dangerous

Your Global Health Risk Map.2015

  Pre Travel Safety Nothing could be more useless to a traveller or risk/safety management professional than a global travel health and security risk map. Vague information about every square centimetre of a an entire country, but nothing on the immediate 10 Kilometres around your specific location! These ‘maps’ were useless in 1990, and they…

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Violence Economics: Terrorism 2016

Violence Economics.Terrorism 2016.Tony Ridley.Intelligent Travel

Put aside all the recent advice and comments by all the retired police and military advisors, ignore the growing list of buzz words such as “lone wolf” and lastly focus on what has been happening under the collective term of terrorism in the past few years and let’s call it what it really is…violence economics.…

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Why Culture Shock is Good For You (Infographic)

Intelligent Travel

Commonly experienced by travelers, expats and exchange students, “culture shock” describes the impact of moving from a familiar culture to an unfamiliar one. It’s the surprise of a new environment, with new people and a new way of life. It also includes the initial separation anxieties that occur when you’re taken out of close contact…

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8 Mobile Workfoce Management Trends in 2015 (Infographic)

Intelligent Travel

In many markets, industries and society workforce management is all about assigning the right employees with the right skills to the right job at the right time. The term is differentiated from traditional staff scheduling because staff scheduling is rooted to time management and simply manages the administration of past and future working times. This…

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The End of In-Flight Entertainment – Wi-Fi Survey (Infographic)

A recent survey, commissioned by Icelandair, of American adults who have used Wi-Fi at least once in the last 12 months, revealed: · 66% are influenced by Wi-Fi availability when booking flights · 22% deliberately paid more for a flight knowing Wi-Fi would be available · 45% of people are willing to go through TSA…

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Awesome Car Rallies Anyone Can Do (Infographic) – Intelligent Travel

Intelligent Travel

As soon as you learn to drive you wonder how far you can go. You dream about the outrageous adventures your new car could take you on. You imagine driving beyond the horizon to strange destinations. Perhaps you want to drive the coolest cars with the rich and famous on the Gumball Rally. Or you…

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How business travellers litigate employers over travel safety negligence

Travel Safety Litigation.Mindmap.Intelligent Travel.Image

If you have business travellers within your business or just manage their movements, you need to read this article. Specifically, we examine the due diligence and legal proofs required by a business traveller or their legal counsel before they could successfully demonstrate travel safety negligence on behalf of the employer or company. By the end…

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8 Image Editing Tips To Improve Your Travel Photos (Infographic) – Intelligent Travel

8 Image Editing Tips To Improve Your Travel Photos

“A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart, leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective.” – Irving Penn Okay, so not everyone can be an award winning National Geographic photographer. Sometimes, you just want a decent batch of travel photos you can…

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Internet is More Than a Luxury (Infographic) – Intelligent Travel

Internet is More Than a Luxury Feat Image - Intelligent Travel

The world has come to expect fast internet and Wi-Fi plays an important role in the process but how exactly? Wi-Fi Alliance has stated that on average there are about 200 million households that are using Wi-Fi networks and Wi-Fi is used by over 700 million people. Furthermore, on average every year there are about…

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New Zealand’s new safety laws to affect business travel too

business travel zealand. update.2015

If you are a New Zealand business, manage business travellers or travel for business then you need to read this article. Specifically we review the upcoming occupational health and safety changes to introduced by the end of 2015 and the effect it will have on business travel. By the end of the article you will…

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10 Ways To Fall Asleep On A Plane (Infographic) – Intelligent Travel

10 Ways To Fall Asleep On A Plane - Intelligent Travel

Trying to fall asleep on a plane can be one of the most frustrating experiences during your travels. After some serious research we decided to put an infographic together detailing the top ten ways to fall asleep on a plane. If you struggle to fall asleep in the air, read on for reassurance that it can be done.…

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5 Common Mistakes Travelers Make At TSA Checkpoints (Infographic) – Intelligent Travel

5 Common Mistakes Travelers Make at TSA Checkpoints

A lot of pitfalls causing travelers to miss their flights are typically, beyond their control. Airport security holdups are also a problem for those flying anywhere in the U.S. However, TSA is a necessary inconvenience all travelers must accept if they want to fly and fly safely. The best any traveler can hope for is…

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Men or Women: Who’s The Smarter Business Traveler? (Infographic)

Men or Women: Who’s The Smarter Business Traveler? (Infographic)

If most travel issues are gender related then the argument whether women are smarter travelers than men is debatable. Both men and women excel in certain aspects of traveling, though they may not always be the same. While life on the road with most travelers of either gender remains taxing, nearly 80% of the 1,001…

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7 Secrets of Road Warriors (Infographic)

7 Secrets of Road Warriors - Intelligent Travel

Whether you travel by car, train, plane or pack mule, feeling and looking your best while on-the-go is a challenge. It is impressive to see travelers reach their destination without puffy eyes and a serious case of bad bedhead. How do they do it? Take a cue from frequent travelers and road warriors by staying…

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Driving Etiquette Around the World [Infographic]

Driving Etiquette Around the World - Intelligent Travel

Being behind the wheel abroad can be a surprising minefield of rules and manners. From the various speed limits to the side that the driver is at, we’ve compiled a guide for travelers who wish to drive in other countries. Driving etiquette around the world [Infographic] by the team at Adrian Flux  

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6 Ways To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Luggage [Infographic]

6 Ways to Make Sure You Never Lose Your Luggage [Imfographic] - Intelligent Travel

Nothing puts a damper on a trip like a lost baggage. It happens more than you might realize. While there is little you can do once your luggage has been checked in, there are useful things you can do beforehand to prevent your bags from getting lost. Embedded from Squeeze Pod

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Top 8 Accessories for Easy Business Travel [Infographic]

Top 8 Accessories for Easy Business Travel - Intelligent Travel

Business travelers can make traveling easier when utilizing today’s technology and ingenious products. Today, there are a lot more amazing accessories and gadgets to help business travelers get work done when on the road than yesteryear’s professional could have ever imagined. Here are 8 cutting-edge accessories to help you relax in the midst of your…

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The Cost Of Doing Top Gear Road Trips [Infographic]

The Cost Of Doing Top Gear Road Trips Infographic - Intelligent Travel

Ever wondered how much a Top Gear style road trip to India or the Middle East would cost? Our infographic provides all the information and associated costs of putting these road trips together. From the initial flights and buying the cars to costs of accommodation and food throughout the journey. The infographic has a day-by-day…

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Travellers Left Flustered by Missed Flight Fails

Travellers Left Flustered by Missed Flights - Intelligent Travel

Travellers Left Flustered by Missed Flight Fails Nothing strikes panic into a passenger’s heart faster than the possibility of missing their plane, but being grounded is part and parcel of modern day travel. 42% of Australian travellers have missed a flight at some point say survey results from 15% of passengers acknowledge that they were…

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Travel Insurance, Travel Safety – The Next 3 Years

Travel Insurance.Travel Safety.The Next 3 Years.Intelligent Travel.Image.Jun 15

Travel Insurance, Travel Safety: The Next 3 Years from Intelligent Travel Slide 1. The provision of travel insurance, product offerings and current service model is changing. Slide2. So to is the understanding and application of travel safety, which is evolving along the same lines as travel insurance. Slide 3. In particular, this change will be…

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Nonviolent Crime [Action] 1

Nonviolent Crime Action Travel Safety Travel Risk Management Intelligent Travel 1

Nonviolent Crime [Action]: Avoid the poorer and crime areas – tourist attractions, markets, bars; avoid moving on foot after dark.

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Financial Crime [Action] 2

Financial Crime Action Travel Safety Travel Risk Management Intelligent Travel 2

Financial Crime [Action]: Conduct business meetings in pairs or greater numbers to reduce the likelihood of coercion.

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Terrorism Gunman Advice 1

Terrorism Gunman Advice Travel Safety Travel Risk Management Intelligent Travel

Terrorism Gunman Advice: Terrorist attacks can occur without warning and when the threat level is low.

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Travel Advice: Nepal Earthquake

Travel Advice Nepal's Earthquake - Intelligent Travel

Travellers go to Nepal mostly because of its adventure tourism, ecotourism and religious and heritage sites. Tourism is the largest industry in the country as well as the largest source of foreign exchange and revenue. Eight out of the ten highest mountains in the world are located in Nepal, including the world-famous Mount Everest. These…

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Business Etiquette Around the World [Infographic]

Business Etiquette - Intelligent Travel

    Business etiquette around the world [Infographic] by the team at CT Business Travel

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