Cheap or safe? Which is more important for business travel? [Video]

Cheap or safe? Which is more important for business travel? [Video]

Business travel is an ever-changing landscape of choice, deals, tradeoffs and affordability.

This landscape is dominated by the financial choices associated with travel costs or travel savings.

From the very beginning of all this is the “choice” of travel safety.

Regardless of whether it is present in the mind of the decision maker

or even associated with the series of choices made when booking and confirming travel options.

Cost based travel decisions typically leave evidence of decisions made and measurable influences such as

“we chose this hotel because it offered a room at $250 per night, which saved our company $50 on the average room rate in this location”.

This decision is clear, measurable and typically documented either within the business or by their travel management provider.

What about travel safety then?

Is it clear, measurable and documented by the business or travel provider or providers?

In the event of accidents, insurance claims, legal prosecution or public scrutiny, it is this “evidence” that will need to be produced and how one decision was prioritised over another.

If a business can’t produce this evidence or decision making process….the outcome is typically negative for the company, not to mention costly.

If a business has cost saving decisions documented and recorded but not travel safety decisions recorded or documented….

the outcome is typically negative as it proves there was a “system” of sorts but demonstrates cheaper was more important than safer.

Guilt is so much easier to prove when this occurs.

Most businesses want cheaper….and can prove it.

Most businesses may say they want “safer”, but they can’t prove it.

Ask your company how much it spends or saves on your travel?

Now, ask them how much “safer” your travel is because of the choices they made?

Ask for proof.

Most business travellers are shocked to discover cheap is much more important than safe for companies.

Evidence of this can be found in the fact they can’t prove they made “travel safety” specific choices, documented their decisions and followed up on the choice.

Oh, don’t forget, generic country risk ratings for travel and Lonely Planet styled travel security guides that are “one size fits all” aren’t travel safety related at all.

So don’t be fooled if your company tries to show you one of these as “proof” of actual travel safety choices.

How do you feel now……safe…..or just cheap?

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