Travelling with Special Needs: The Quiz

Travelling with Special Needs - The Quiz

Are You a Disabled Person Prepared to Have an Enjoyable Travel Experience? Test Yourself.  If you have special needs and want to make the most out of your travel experience, then you need to answer the questions written below. If your answer matches the correct answer, then you can consider yourself prepared to reach your…

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10 Step Plan for Travelling With Babies

Steps Travelling with babies

10 Steps to get yourself ready when traveling with your baby for the first time. Most parents who would travel for the first time with their babies are usually apprehensive, as it can be overwhelming and can cause a lot of uncertainties due to several factors.  In this article, 10 steps will be provided for…

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Mistakes of People Travelling with Special Needs / Disabilities

Common Mistakes when Travelling with Special Needs

Mistakes of People Travelling with Special Needs/Disabilities Reaching your dream destination and enjoying your travel may be difficult sometimes for people with special needs or disability. It becomes worse if they do not have enough knowledge about their destination, if they do not know what to expect or if no proper planning and enough preparation…

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7 Largest Christmas Markets From Around Europe [Infographic]

    7 Largest Christmas Markets From Around Europe [Infographic] by the team at Wimdu  

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Travelling with Babies: The Quiz

Do you know what is required when travelling with babies? How do you know if you are travelling with your baby conveniently? Test yourself, and you might be surprised how much this quiz can help you. 1. How can you relieve ear pressure? a) Put your baby to sleep during takeoff and landing b) Plan…

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The Anatomy Of A Master Traveller [Infographic]

    The Anatomy Of A Master Traveller [Infographic] by the team at Ltd.  

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Travelling with Special Needs/Disabilities – Frequently Asked Questions

Travelling with Special Disabilities

Travelling with Special Needs/Disabilities – Frequently Asked Questions Most people with special needs or disability stop themselves from reaching their dream destinations because of their condition. They are afraid to experience being violated. This should not be an issue because nowadays, travelers with special needs get more attention and are provided with even greater services.…

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Hotel Cost [Top cities] Infographic

hotel cost

Hotel Cost [Top cities] Infographic Summer vacation is one of the events in our lives where we enjoy spending time with our loved ones. Take advantage of it before it’s over. Take into consideration the place you want to stay. We help you find your right destination by providing you a reliable source of the…

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22 Bizarre Facts You Didn’t Know About Thailand

22 Bizarre Facts You Didn't Know About Thailand

Are you planning to travel to Thailand anytime soon? Make sure you stay safe by checking out our pre-travel safety tips before heading off on the adventure of a lifetime. When you’re in the clear, check out these crazy facts before hopping on that plane: Ever had a Christmas Log cake? Thailand is home to the…

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It’s Travel Safety, Not Travel Security [Video]

It's Travel Safety Not Travel Security

Nearly all businesses think, discuss, manage or undertake travel in some shape or form. The more evolved manage multiple aspects of travel, including security and the popular term of ‘Duty of Care’. However, despite this growing trend, most travel and risk managers have completely the wrong idea on what MUST be managed and what SHOULD…

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Travelling with Babies: Common Mistakes

Travelling with Babies: Common Mistakes If you are a first time traveler with a baby, most parents are apprehensive as it can be overwhelming and can cause a lot of uncertainties due to several factors. Here are the most common factors as to why parents feel most concerned when travelling with their baby for the…

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Why should companies hire a Travel Manager [SlideShare]

The Rise and Fall of Travel Manager The Travel Manager has never been such a common profile in a company. When you start searching for them on Linkedin, they often appear under the title of “procurement manager”, “travel arranger” or “travel analyst”. Despite of these differences, what really have in common these professionals are a…

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Cheapest Hotel Cost [Top Cities] Infographic

Cheapest Hotel Cost [Top Cities] Infographic Travelling does not need to be expensive. You can still enjoy and bring your friends, family and loved ones to a special summer experience. So we bring you the least expensive hotel prices based on TripAdvisor’s Hotel Price Comparison. For more about Travel, visit Intelligent Travel.

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Travelling with Special Needs Tips # 1

travel with additional needs

Travelling with Special Needs and Disabilities by Intelligent Travel If you want to travel but you think you can’t because of your special needs, then you are wrong. Nowadays, travelers with special needs get more attention and are provided with even greater services. Your disability should not hinder you in exploring how wonderful the world…

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Travelling with Babies: Frequently Asked Questions

baby travelling

Travelling with Babies: Frequently Asked Questions by Intelligent Travel Moms tend to be in panic mode when travelling for the first time with their babies. To avoid worry and tension, this article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions asked by moms. 1. What are the travel regulations in the amount of liquid…

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The Most Expensive Hotel Stay [Top Cities] Infographics

most expensive hotel

The Most Luxurious Cities for a Hotel Stay When you look for a destination or plan to explore the world, one of the factors for consideration is the hotel prices. Here, we reveal the most expensive cities for hotel stopovers according to TripAdvisor’s Hotel Price Comparison. For more about Travel, visit Intelligent Travel.

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Is frequent business travel making you fat and unwell? Here’s Why

Frequent Business Travel

We all “feel” different when we travel frequently for business, but did you know that frequent business travel, shift work and fly-in-fly-out [FIIFO] travel can start to make you “fat” in as little as 3 weeks? If you travel regularly for business, or manage frequent business travellers, then you need to read this article. By…

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Taxi Cost [Top International Cities] Infographic


Taxi Cost [Top International Cities] Infographic By: Tony Ridley Travelling overseas is an adventure in itself. So many uncertainties to consider, changes to anticipate and estimations to be made. One of them is the cab fare. We compiled our reliable resources to show you the Cheapest and Most Expensive Taxi Rides from Top Cities outside…

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Swimming is a Killer on Holidays

swimming pool

Dear 16 – 25 year old males on holiday,  Please could you stop jumping off balconies into swimming pools.  The end. Yours faithfully, The hotel owner, the ambulance men, the coroner and your forever-suffering parents. My fellow chaps, holidays do funny things to our brains, but if the pool at your hotel doesn’t have a…

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Taxi Cost [Top US Cities] Infographic

Taxi Cost [Top US Cities] Infographic If you’re travelling, you always need to consider your transportation and how much it will cost you, especially using a Taxi Cab. Check the infographic below for the Taxi Cost within the Top Cities in the US.   For more travel tips, visit us at Intelligent Travel.

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Travelling With Babies: What You Need to Know

Babies Travelling tips

Travelling With Babies: What You Need to Know by Intelligent Travel Most parents who would travel for the first time with their babies are usually apprehensive, as it can be overwhelming and can cause a lot of uncertainties due to several factors. The most common worry of parents when travelling by air is if their…

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25 Expert Business Travel Tips From The Professionals

business travel tips

End of year holidays and last minute business travel before 2015 is upon us. Here as some tips from the pros, who are constantly travelling for business, on how to make your next trip [business or leisure] more efficient, less stressful and as enjoyable as possible. 25 Travel Tips from the Busiest Business Travelers from…

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Budget Travel Advice

Budget Travel Advice

You are planning for a vacation but budget has made you to doubt your plans. All you require is little information on how to save money. You won’t have to sacrifice on your vacation but this little information will help you work way to save money while enjoying your vacation to the fullest. Therefore, here…

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The Travel Compliance Myth

Travel Health and safety.Compliance

Many businesses, managers and travellers believe they have an effective travel compliance system in place, when in fact what they have is just a travel conformity program. This may sound like exactly the same thing, but the variance is significant and the consequences could be dire for businesses and travellers. Travel Conformity Conformity is uniform…

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Do you have better advice but are less prepared? Travel Risk Management


Do we have greater access to more information and available content than ever before, but are now less prepared as a result? Or have we modified our plans, in light of new, more accurate information? With the latest information on just about anything available at our fingertips, thanks to internet, it is easy to access…

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World’s Most Traffic Jammed Cities

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Travel Expense Management: Your Travel Safety Compliance or Negligence Report?

Business Travel Expense.Proof of travel safety or negligence.image.Intelligent Travel

Has business travel expense management become the new proof of travel safety and duty of care, or negligence? What your business spends and where, along with travel expenses claimed by your travellers contributes to your proof of compliance/guilt. Travel Safety Proof Travel is not the only business activity that consumes or creates expenditure across numerous verticals…

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Travel Insurance Top 10 Tips for These Holidays

Top 10 Ways to Save on Travel Insurance This Holiday Season over Christmas and New Year

With just over 6 weeks to go, Christmas tends to be the busiest travel time of the year, and also the most expensive! For the thousands of Australians who will be travelling overseas and domestically to visit friends and family this holiday season – the good news according to travel insurance experts is that…

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Ebola Travel Advice You Can Use [Video]

Ebola travel health and safety advice.Intelligent Travel

Ebola Travel Advice You Can Use By Intelligent Travel If you travel, live overseas or manage either of these types of employees, then you need to watch this video. In this short educational video on Ebola, we give you professional travel health and safety advice you can use or share with your business. Topics covered…

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Ebola Tracking Map- Cases, Deaths, Outbreaks, News and Travel Restrictions

Live tracking and monitoring of Ebola Virus outbreaks, Cases, Deaths, Travel Restrictions, News and Updates by Intelligent Travel. This includes Ebola related entry restrictions. This information should be used as part of your travel health, safety, security and risk management process.

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Business Travel Safety: How Uber Fails the Basic Workplace Safety Tests

It is not uncommon for business travellers to also use popular retail travel apps or online services but their use can expose the business traveller and their company to significant risk if not consistent with legal workplace safety governance and that of risk management procedures. The result can be injury or death for the traveller…

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Here is the Global Ebola Travel Advisory from 15 Oct 14

Ebola Global Travel Advisory 15 Oct 14

Here are the global Ebola travel advisories, updates, restrictions and changes affecting business and leisure travellers. It provides updates on recent cases, outbreaks, government travel restrictions/controls and the various warning or alert levels for significantly affected countries. The information has been taken from our ongoing Ebola travel intelligence system and is part of our travel…

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How much war is still taking place in 2014?

We live in the most peaceful time in human history. Wait what, seriously? This has to be wrong, there are more wars then ever! Well, no, and they kill less and less people while human population is at an all time high, and the numbers show it! We explain how we can come to this…

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Things tourists pay too much for [Infographic]

  Travelling can be a wonderful escapade to new countries, cultures and experiences; however one thing always seems to stand in the way of starting our next adventure. The cost of traveling can be expensive and while we wish we could travel, bills and other expenses tend to take priority. So how can we travel while…

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Ebola Travel Advice: What you need to know from the WHO

Travel Advice.Safety.Health.ebola-infographic.WHO.Aug 14

Travel to and from Ebola-affected countries is low risk. Here is what you need to know, from the WHO.     Ebola Response Roadmap: WHO Ebola virus disease: Fact Sheet Key facts Ebola virus disease (EVD), formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever, is a severe, often fatal illness in humans. The virus is transmitted to…

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10 Ways To Travel For Less [infographic]

As travellers, we always want not to spend too much during our travel. Minding your expenses during your travel is an essential cause it’s inevitable to buy stuffs such as souvenirs, cultural cuisines and etc. We would like to share this inforgraphic for you to have an insight to travel for less.

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What does Australia’s HIGH National Terror Alert mean?

Australia. National Terrorism Public Alert.High.Sep 14.Image.650x300.

Australia recently upgraded it’s national public terror alert to HIGH. A capital city has activated one of it’s highest security levels, welding shut all public rubbish bins. Airports, shopping complexes and sporting events are also increasing physical security measures. What does this mean for business and leisure travellers to Australia and the Australian population? Is it safe…

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How To Smoast Like A Pro [Infographic]

How-to smoast header

We all like to connect with others by sharing stories during our travel. Pictures of famous buildings, beautifully prepared meals, bar scenes are nice and everything. “Smoast” means “to boast on social media”, about your adventures with these classic optical illusions. We would love to share the infographic below on “How To Smoast Like A…

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Expert crisis management tips for HR managers

Crisis Management and Leadership Advice

Practical advice for HR professionals and managers on how to prepare and manage a crisis which affects their people or business. Taken from our crisis leadership and management development education program. Read More: Human Capital Magazine [Singapore]

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Travel insurance covers these medical conditions

“We had to make a claim for a huge medical bill from when we were travelling in the US, but our claim was rejected because my husband had an operation 2 years earlier.”  John from Wollongong* Time and time again we receive feedback from customers who’ve had rejected claims with something to do with a…

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