Are “Bleisure” Travellers Taxation Cheats? [Video]

Are bleisure travellers taxation cheats

Business travel is a legitimate taxation credit or deduction for your business.

But what if the traveller doesn’t declare additional travel or an extended stay as a “fringe benefit”?

You have effectively misreported your taxable income.

The business has also helped the traveller avoid paying taxation if they don’t declare the “leisure” portion of the journey when the business paid for the business travel in the first place.

“Bleisure” is a new buzz word, formed by combining the words business and leisure, which are the most typical types of travel.

Hence, “bleisure” is created when a traveller initially travels for business but then extends the trip for some leisure travel or non-business activities.

Not only is the business and traveller avoiding paying taxation on this portion of the trip, they may also have taxation obligations in the country or state in which they are travelling to.

Local economies need and collect taxation too.

Local taxation is triggered when you reach or exceed the locally acceptable days in a specific location, where you now must also pay taxation to local authorities, in addition to your home residence taxation obligations.

If you undertake “bleisure” travel and don’t declare the “entire trip” you are misreporting your taxation obligations for the individual, the company, and local compliance demands.

This makes you a taxation cheat.

The individual is now exposed to legal risk.

The company is now exposed to legal risk.

The travel management company is now exposed to legal risk.

And you now have local authorities “entitled” to investigate your business for further taxation avoidance practices, even if you are not registered in that locale.

Throw in some sharing economy bookings like Airbnb and Uber, and you may find your entire business trip is “illegal” in more than just one way.

Forget about even discussing duty of care or travel safety and security issues, you can’t even manage basic business risks associated with travel yet.

Time for more businesses to wake up to the real and routine risks associated with business travel….before anyone even travels.

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